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Home Depot MTD 21' SnowThrower

Keep your driveway, porch and paths clear this winter with this 21 Inch Snow Thrower. I know the season is over, but at this price how could you pass it up? get this snow blower before the season and be ready for anything. at such a great price. Think about the future, save yourself the time, money, and hassle, by taking this off our hands. I COULD NOT GET IT STARTED THE OTHER DAY, HOWEVER IT WAS JUST OUT OF MIX GAS. so if you bring mix. or if you call i’ll make sure to get some mix so we can start her up before any transactions are made..

Call for availability: 8019684186


Black & Decker Edge Hog

here we have a barely used edger, seriously looks brand new. edge hog by black and decker The Black & Decker EdgeHog is a must have for anyone with a yard or yard service. they are listed new at $80. we are listing at $50. however you may be able to haggle.

Call for availability: 8019684186

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